Our Petition: As Members and Owners,

We Ask Tri-State's Management to:

  • Add cost-advantageous, fuel free resources such as wind, solar and energy storage at a rate that is at least consistent with the brisk pace of growth nationally.
  • Responsibly wind down uneconomic and polluting coal power by reinvesting in affected communities with an eye toward the future, not the past.
  • Permit the expansion of locally generated clean power and cease legal efforts to impose arbitrary limits on clean power that are inconsistent with the federal law PURPA.

The economics of energy have shifted rapidly in recent years. With change now accelerating, we see a new vision for Tri-State that empowers local economies and embraces the future. Please join us in securing lasting prosperity for Tri-State members.

Installation of the Paradox Community Solar Garden
Installation of the Paradox Community Solar Garden